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Mã sản phẩm Fer-100PHDO
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Thiết bị lên men tự động 100 lít

Thể tích: 100L

Tính năng chính: Đo pH, đo DO, điều chỉnh pH, điều chỉnh DO, khuấy, cấp khí sạch, CIP/SIP, ổn nhiệt...

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Cấu hình cung cấp:

100L tank

Tank body316L, Jacket304

Stirring system

316L Stainless steel mixing paddle (Stirring rmp:

pH electrode


PH wire


DO sensor

Inpro 6800i/120/mA

DO wire


Stirring motor


Water inlet regulator

G”1/2,OR ,OR

Pneumatic diaphragm valve


Circulation pump




Machinery Seal

Burgmann,,Resistant to dry grinding,

Pneumatic angle seat valve


Air filter


Temperature electrode


Defoaming electrode


The electromagnetic valve


10L Feeding bottle


5L acid bottle


5L Alkali bottle


4L defoaming bottle





specific description


Tank system

Volume: total volume 100L,maximum working volume 75%,
There are no dead angles in the all stainless steel tank. The side of the tank adopts a large viewing angle liquid sight glass in the tank.
Material: tank body SUS316L, jacket SUS304,
Diameter to height ratio: 1: 2
Tank lid: defoaming, inoculation port, multiple feeding ports, exhaust port, etc., 12V safety light;
The bottom of the tank: the seed valve of the discharge valve, specially designed, no dead angle and liquid accumulation, can be steam sterilized.
Tank: long sight glass, temperature electrode interface, pH electrode interface, DO electrode interface, sampling valve port.
Design pressure: tank 0.3Mpa Jacket: design pressure 0.3Mpa
Surface treatment: polished inside and outside mirror surface, the precision inside the tank is less than 0.4 um to reduce the chance of bacterial infection, and the precision outside surface is less than 0.6 um.
Sterilization method: online steam sterilization.


Intake system

The maximum ventilation volume is designed according to 1.5 ~ 2 VVM, including: rotameter, sterilization filter, check valve, etc., to ensure the sterility of the air into the tank.


Exhaust system

Equipped with exhaust gas discharge condenser, specially designed exhaust gas discharge pipeline has no liquid accumulation and no bacteria, and the exhaust condensate valve is manually controlled. The stainless steel pressure gauge shows the tank pressure, and the high-quality diaphragm valve regulates the exhaust flow and controls the tank pressure.


Tank weighing

Use differential pressure transmitter to accurately measure fermentation broth


Tank pressure online monitoring and control

Adopt pressure sensor and proportional regulating valve to control, pressure control range is 0-0.25MPA, data is automatically recorded, curve analysis .


Automatic sterilization and cleaning

Use high-quality pneumatic diaphragm valve, tank sterilization temperature: 100 ~ 130 ° C, sterilization time: 0 ~ 60min, automatic sterilization into the filter, automatic sterilization and cleaning of tank piping (manual sampling valve part), sterilization Temperature error: ± 0.5 ° C; automatic control of sterilization and cleaning procedures.


Mixing system

It is mechanically agitated, Bogman mechanical seal, standard six-blade disc turbine paddle plus inclined paddle for fermentation, the height of the paddle is adjustable, and different types of agitating paddles can be replaced according to the special requirements of the fermentation process.
SEW motor,  speed: 350L: 50-1000rpm ± 0.5%
The controller can realize: DO associated cascade, curve analysis, batch report analysis, alarm, data storage, sequential control (set according to fermentation time section, automatic variable control, at least 10 sections), etc.


Temperature detection control

The temperature control adopts PID automatic control mode, and PID parameters can be adjusted on the control software. The Pt100 electrode can be sterilized repeatedly, and the electrode correction function can be completely corrected by the system software.
Temperature control: cooling water temperature + 5 ℃ -65 ℃ ± 0.2 ℃, display temperature: 0-150 ℃ ± 0.1 ℃
Sequential control of fermentation process (set according to fermentation time zone, automatic variable temperature control, at least 10 stages)


pH control

Using intelligent PID control, high control accuracy, not easy to produce fluctuations, original Swiss imported electrodes and shielded wire detection, peristaltic pump (or peristaltic pump) flow acid and alkali, automatic control, automatic measurement. The electrode can be sterilized repeatedly, and the calibration function is completely calibrated by the system software.
1. Glass gel electrodes and wires of original imported Swiss brand that can withstand high temperature sterilization
2. Display range: 0.00 ~ 14.00 ± 0.01, automatic control range: 2.00 ~ 12.00 ± 0.02
3. Online detection, automatic alarm, peristaltic pump automatically add acid and alkali solution
4. PID intelligent module control.
The controller can realize: Ph value curve analysis, acid addition, alkali addition amount curve analysis, batch report analysis, acid addition amount cumulative display record, alkali addition amount cumulative display record, sequential control (set according to fermentation time section, automatic variable Control, at least 10 segments) etc.


DO control

Detection of original Swiss imported electrodes and shielded wires. The DO value is associated with parameters such as speed, refill, air flow (if configured), tank pressure (if configured) and other parameters.
Control range 0 ~ 150%, ± 3% sequential control of fermentation process (according to fermentation time, DO automatic variable control, at least 10 steps)


Feed control

Peristaltic pump (or diaphragm valve) switch control (manual, automatic, closed three gears), automatic feeding and metering (according to fermentation time, automatic variable control of feeding, at least 10 steps)


Foam control

With defoaming electrode, foam is automatically detected, and the defoamer is added automatically in proportion to the time of the peristaltic pump (or diaphragm valve). The function of the peristaltic pump can be selected and set on the control interface, which makes the user more convenient and flexible in actual use. Equipped with specially designed refill pins to ensure safe operation of refill.


   Control parameter




temperature control

1. Measuring range: 0 ~ 150 oC;
2. Control range: 10-60 oC;
3. Control accuracy: ± 0.5 oC;
4. Display accuracy: 0.01 oC
5. Control content: the temperature value can be detected online, can be set according to the temperature required in the fermentation stage (sequential control, not less than 10 sections), the temperature can be controlled by threshold, which can control a certain range;
Temperature value report, curve recording and analysis, data storage.


pH control

1. Control mode: Fully automatic control, pH value can be set in sections, and can be divided into manual, automatic, and time-segmented control (not less than 15 sections);
2. Display range: 0 ~ 14pH;
3. Control range: 2.00-12.00 ± 0.02;
4. Display accuracy: 0.01pH;
5. Control accuracy: ± 0.1pH;
6. Control content: pH value online detection, intelligent control; sequence control, replenishment linkage control.
7. Component matching: domestic pH electrode, high temperature sterilization in place, original double shielded signal transmission line;
8. The upper and lower pH limits are exceeded;
The control can realize pH value curve analysis, acid addition and alkali addition amount curve analysis, cumulative display record of acid addition amount, cumulative display record of alkali addition amount, and data storage.


DO control

1. Detection method: the control system detects dissolved oxygen online;
2. Display range: 0-200%;
3. Display accuracy: ± 0.1% or 1%;
4. Control range: 0-100%;
5. Control accuracy: ± 5%; resolution is 0.1%, which can realize threshold control;
6. Component matching: domestic electrodes, which can be sterilized at high temperature, original double-shielded signal transmission line.
7. Sequential control of the fermentation process (depending on the fermentation time, DO automatic variable control, at least 10 stages).
Dissolved oxygen can be controlled in relation to speed and feed.


Speed control

1. PID automatic control, using stepless speed regulation of governor;
2. Able to perform at least 10 steps of speed setting and fully automatic setting control;
3. Control range: 200L: 50-1000rmp
It can be controlled in association with dissolved oxygen, with real-time curve and historical curve, and tracking control can be set in sections.


Tank pressure control

1. Exhaust gas automatic proportional control valve automatic control
Digital display of pressure transmitter, control range: 0-0.25MPa


Feed control

1. Fully automatic setting program control, 50L seed tank peristaltic pump switch control,
2. The feeding cycle can be set, the alarm function of abnormal foam condition, the fermentation process is controlled in stages (according to the fermentation time, automatic variable control of feeding, at least 10 stages)
3. It can be controlled in conjunction with dissolved oxygen and pH.


Defoaming control

The foam detection sensor is used to automatically detect the foam or liquid level. The peristaltic pump automatically adds defoaming agent and measures. The defoaming cycle can be set, and the automatic control and alarm are provided.


Tuning and calibration

The temperature, DO, pH, pressure sensor and other parameters can be adjusted and adjusted, and the flow of each peristaltic pump can be manually calibrated.


PID control

Each parameter has PID control and adjustment process display, such as set value, real-time value, PID set value, upper and lower limit value.


Overrun alarm

The upper and lower limits of temperature, rotation speed, pH value, and DO value can be set, and the over-limit alarm function is provided and recorded.


Control switching

Speed, temperature, pH value, DO value, replenishment, etc. can be set to automatic, manual and closed state.


Data storage

1. Can save at least 500 batches of fermentation data, and can check the history and copy the data.
2. Display data table by batch number: this function selects a fermentation batch number in the fermentation number flow list on the left, and conveniently displays the fermentation data table of the tank number according to the fermentation tank number and fermentation start time, and automatically transfers to the report screen.
Display historical curve by batch number: This function is to select a fermentation batch number in the fermentation number flow list on the left, and conveniently display the historical curve of fermentation data of the tank number according to the fermentation tank number and fermentation start time, and automatically go to the curve screen.



Perform automatic control sterilization, including intake filter and exhaust filter, data recording


Human-machine interface and PLC

Siemens integrated industrial computer (with touch screen, mouse and keyboard can be connected), Siemens PLC, English operating system


Password management

At least 3 levels of password management.

Liên hệ hỗ trợ tư vấn và báo giá: Hotline/zalo: 0983978425 - txpvietnam@gmail.com

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